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About us

SPUKTshirts is the original T-Shirt website.

When I started making T-shirts by independent designers and promoting them via my website in 1998 I was unique in doing so. Now much replicated, my way of working continues to help new artists and their endeavors.

It all started with the Spunky Sound System in the 1990s when I was more focused on putting on the best parties and having a good time (as anybody who comes to visit my sound system at Glastonbury Festival would tell you!)

Then in 1998 whilst at art college, having met loads of talented people with great ideas, but with out the means to realize them, I started providing an outlet for T-shirts by independent designers.

SPUKTshirts is an independent company. I have no big shot investors. I started out with three grand from the Princes trust and have built it from there. I Bought 50 T-shirts and sold them, I bought 100 T-shirts and sold them, I bought 1000 T-shirts and sold them, etc, etc to where it is now. I am committed to continually developing an ever improving ethical policy of business that is at the core of what I do.

I also hope you will spend a little more and buy one of my 100% Organic T-shirts, Hoods and Sweats. The little extra goes a long way in the countries where they were made.

SPUKT T-shirts prints are also VERY LIMITED print editions (sometimes as little as 50 per design). While other labels claim to offer limited edition they usually mean 500 prints.

I hope you feel the cost of a SPUK T-shirt is worth it to get something organic and unique.


James Harper

The SPUKTshirts