SPUKTshirts is the original T-Shirt website.

In the 1990s in my late teens, my prime focus was putting on the best parties and having a good time (as anybody who comes to visit my sound system at Glastonbury Festival would tell you!) and I started the Spunky Sound System. The name 'Spunky' was on account of my nickname at school being Sperm for having a big head - physically not metaphorically!

Then in 1998 whilst at art college, having met loads of talented people with great ideas but without the means to realize them, I started providing an outlet for T-shirts by independent designers, starting with just 50 T-shirts and building up from there. I set up my first website in 1998 and it was the first of its kind. Now much replicated, my way of working continues to help new artists and their endeavors.

In 2018, marking 20 years since it all began, my wife, Octavia, and I relaunched SPUKTshirts as Second Perspective. With a background in TV production and fine art, she brings a 2nd perspective to what had become a skeletal operation whilst James had found a new day job and SPUK had been left to gather cobwebs.

Despite there being a lot more competition today, Octavia along with our daughter, India, hopes to breathe new life into SPUK, taking it back to its core values of unique, limited edition designs on organic t-shirts, and doing it better than ever before!

We hope you enjoy our products.


James and Octavia Harper

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